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Completing the entire scope of methodologies and concepts offered by IPIC, are the software offerings. Based on our proprietary Systematic Innovation Method and our groundbreaking study of 3 million datapoints, these software help with important aspects of Innovation and problem solving. They help users to obtain strong solutions by overcoming contradictions, accurately predict the future iterations of current solutions, help organizations gain the edge in the marketplace by empowering users with concrete direction and help in the resolution of fuzzy, complex problems. Contact us today to see how a combination of our methodologies and software can help your organization to surge ahead of the competition.
  • Matrix+
  • Evpot+
  • PercepMap+
  • Typhoon
  • Eunoia Turbo

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40 Inventive Principles (B&M)

A list of 40 Principles with detailed explanation and examples for each principle.

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