Intellectual Property

In today’s knowledge driven economy, Intellectual Property is the only thing that allows organisations to build and maintain an edge over their competition. Over 70% of the world’s intellectual property currently emerges from the US. This is not because the US is any more creative than anywhere else on the planet, but simply that US businesses have understood the importance of building an IP barrier better than most. The US advantage is largely an IP advantage.

At IPIC, our strength lies in helping clients generate stronger patents with high commercial value. Our programmes, through facilitation and training, are designed to equip engineers, inventors, designers, researchers, academics and scientists to fully leverage on current trends in patent and IP strategies in order to generate world class IPs and also the ability and know-how to protect and future proof these assets.

Some of the key importance in the technical aspects of IP include:

  • Reducing research and development time by harnessing global knowledge including public domain knowledge and prior art to prevent redundancy or even unintentional violation of existing patents or IPs.
  • Designing a better product by understanding key technical trends and also social trends
  • Future proof your patents by incorporating claims and specifications into your patents to prevent obsoleteness or to prevent your patents from being desgined around
  • Gain more investor buy in and confidence by demonstrating a more resilient and stronger patents and to increase success rate of commercialization

Besides IP generation, we also provide consulting and training programmes on IP Management and Valuation, IP strategies and IP monetisation. Check out our services page for more information.

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