Innovation = Doing Things Better = Action x Knowledge x Creativity

Darrell Mann

At IPIC, we believe that Innovation does not necessarily have to be earth changing and awe inspiring, innovation is about doing things better which will result in tangible benefits to all stakeholders. We also believe that better is different, but different is not necessarily better, therefore, a big part of our job is to help our clients navigate the innovation story and increase the odds of getting it right in the midst of all the complexity and uncertainty!

From finding out what is the innovation capacity of your company and team to designing an innovation road map and action plan, we have the full spectrum of expertise, tools and methods to make it happen. Most of our consulting, training and facilitation work in based on Systematic Innovation, currently acknowledge globally as one of the largest study of creativity and innovation undertaken since 1946.

We have worked with clients from diverse background, from high tech start ups to SMEs, multinational corporations, government link companies, institutions of higher learning, research institutions and government agencies. Our consultants have the necessary corporate, academic and consulting experience to provide external intervention on various innovation projects, from Product, Process, Systems, Service to Strategy Innovation.

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