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At IPIC Integrated, we are a team dedicated to enabling and building capacity and capability in the areas of Intellectual Property, Innovation and Commercialisation. Since 2001, we have been providing value adding services and programmes to corporations, institutions of higher learning, research houses and SMEs to meet their needs and requirements to compete and operate more meaningfully in today's knowledge and borderless economy.

Our group of consultants, local and foreign, has extensive experience in delivering results and tangible benefits in our job engagement. Underpinning our work is the ongoing and continuous research work carried out by our consultants and researchers to validate and ensure that the methodology we employ and teach is sound. True to the adage of practice what you preach, our business model incorporates a division which generates and license out IP so that we are able to better share our expertise and experience in innovating and monetizing our products or services.

We are also part of a wider network of international companies and individuals called Systematic Innovation Network, please visit this link for the website http://www.systematic-innovation.com

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